About Us

Winter is coming—and—the merch of your favorite TV show is here too! Something is exhilarating about wearing the tee or sweatshirt that represents your love for your TV show, and we offer exactly what you were looking for!
Game for Tees was established by the die-hard fans of Game of Thrones, and we specialize in offering a wide range of Game of Thrones-themed merchandise to our customers. We have been a fan of the TV show and the book series for a long time now, and we were inspired by the characters and diversity of Game of Thrones to start our business. Our broad range of merchandise consists of everything that you need. We offer hoodies, car seat covers, watches, accessories, and much more.

We offer free delivery nationally and internationally, and we use PayPal to process your payments. PayPal is the safest payment gateway to process your payments, and our payment is equipped with secure SSL technology that keeps your personal information confidential.

Our wide range of Game of Thrones’ themed merchandise is appreciated and recommended by GOT fans across the globe. We take immense pride in our business and collection, and we aim to expand our collection in the future.
Game of Tees is everyone’s favorite like Game of Thrones, and we offer merchandise that is made of high-quality products. Our apparel is made using high-quality and durable fleece that contributes to its resilient life expectancy. We offer a wide range of apparel sizes to our clients, and you are guaranteed to find something that meets your body type.
Each of the products available here is manufactured by our experts. If you feel we are using something that belongs to you then contact us, we will remove it on an immediate basis.

From mother to dragons, to the sigil of the Stark House, and the lions of the Lannisters—you can find your desired Game of Thrones’ merchandise right here on our website. To place an order, add the desired product in the cart, and proceed further with your shopping before you check out!
You can shop here without any hesitation. If you find any of our products unsatisfactory, you can simply contact us at (email). We have a very dedicated customer care team that will reach out to you soon and solve your problem.